About us


Company Background

Shipping Container Hotel Pte Ltd (SCH) is Singapore’s first and only "pop-up" hotel! This is a new start-up and we have been granted the first mover framework for our business idea from the Singapore's Ministry of Trade and Industries (MTI). Our objective is to give Singaporeans and tourist alike a unique hotel experience in “luxury living off the grid”. 


The Idea

Most if not all hotels in Singapore are permanent structures consisting of hundreds of rooms. Imagine living in a hotel on the beach with the sea just a few meters away from your doorstep! That’s not possible with a permanent structure. But that’s possible if we use a shipping container. Our idea is to place container hotels in different parts of the island, away from the crowd. Imagine living in a “secluded retreat” devoid of people but in reality, civilisation is just a mere 5 mins walk away! But we do not intent to be at the same location for too long. We only seek to be at any one location for between 2 to 3 years after which we will look for new locations on the island!


Why Shipping Containers?

Shipping containers are ideal because of its metal construction. Structurally, it is robust and there are many examples around the world of homes and hotels being built using shipping containers. Container homes/hotels are also eco-friendly because they are made from recycled shipping containers. Constructing out of used containers not only helps the environment through recycling, it also means that additional materials aren’t used. The supply of used containers is unlikely to run out, as each year more than 500,000 shipping containers are abandoned worldwide. 

Another reason why people construct homes, hotels and offices using shipping containers is that they can be built extremely fast. When we construct a shipping container hotel using shipping containers, much of the structure is already complete, such as the walls and the roof. This means that we can build a shipping container hotel in as little as one month. Best of all, the container is mobile and we can move in/out a container hotel within a day! 

Shipping container hotels are appealing to many because they have a very modern and “Instagram worthy” appearance. Containers have been used to create stunning mountain retreats all the way to tiny beach huts all around the world. Lastly, containers allow for “off-grid” living. Off-grid living, in the purest sense, means to live in a home which is self-reliant and self-sufficient. However, our hotels will offer the full gamut of living in a hotel suite which includes a bedroom, living room, dining room, full kitchen, bathroom, patio complete with a BBQ pit, aircon, toilet and fresh running water.